Training in constructivist psychotherapy and working with organizations

On Thursday 8th November 2018, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., Massimo Giliberto will led the free workshop:

Training in constructivist psychotherapy and working with organizations

Can a therapeutic approach help us to work in contexts outside the therapy room? Personal Constructs Psychology, having its focus on the person rather than the pathology, can easily adapt to the world of organizations without distancing itself from its object, that is the person and his/her vision of the world. In this workshop, even through the involvement in discussions of participants and stories derived from concrete experiences, we try to show how an approach originating from a clinical setting can be effectively transferred to a working context and how its instruments could be useful to promote revisions and reconstructions of personal and company stories.

Massimo Giliberto, Psychologist and Psychotherapist, Director and Teacher of the ICP School of Constructivist Psychotherapy.

The workshop will be held at our School, via Martiri della Libertà 13 – Padova. The admission is free but reservation is required (tel. 0498751669; email [email protected]).

Please note the workshop is only in Italian

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