Constructivist Research and Documentation Centre

The Constructivist Research and Documentation Centre (CRDC) is presented as a point of reference for all scholars who are interested in conducting research within the theoretical and methodological framework of Constructivism and Personal Construct Psychology (PCP).

PCP is viewed as a theory which, going on its own assumptions, is fertile and open to further elaboration. It is  theory with wide-ranging possibilities for application, and one which lends itself to examination and implementation in various fields. In this light, the advancements in research play a crucial role in the development of our professional practice.

The CRDC acts as a tool that fosters networking among scholars and national and international research groups with a view to encouraging initiatives aimed at the theoretical and practical development of constructivism.

The Centre promotes a series of activities that include training and consultation services, as well as access to the bibliographic material present in the Institute of Constructivist Psychology library.

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The CRDC was established in 2004 as an internal Department within the ICP School of Constructivist Psychotherapy, with the initial aim of helping students and ex-students with their research and theses requested by their course of study. Since the beginning, the core of the CRDC has been a library in tune with the demands of study and research in psychology and constructivist psychotherapy. It is equipped with a collection of Personal Construct Psychology (PCP) journals and volumes, in Italian and English. The collection is among the most extensive nationwide, and also includes a wide selection of original texts concerning epistemology, psychology and constructivist psychotherapy.

For this reason, over time the CRDC and its library have become a reference point even for graduate students interested in this approach. In 2012 the Italian Constructivism Magazine was created, along with the CRDC's editorial expression and an open, inclusive spirit that fosters the exchange of ideas. The CRDC, while remaining a department of ICP, began to go beyond the confines – with regards to constructivism and PCP – as a broader meeting point, as an instrument for collaboration among natiaonal and international research groups, and as a channel for ideas and projects.

Today, with its research and interest groups, the Centre is a vehicle through which to support both the theoretical and practical ideas and innovation in the constructivist approach. It helps connect all those who, in Italy and around the world, wish to discuss, collaborate and do research.

Since the original formulation of PCP with Geroge Kelly's text of 1955, a several studies have sought to explore and expand on the theory of personal constructs. These contributions can provide important resources and insights for the detailed examination and development of the theory, both for newborn babies and the more experienced. Unfortunately, not all of these texts and publications are not readily available.

The Constructivist Research and Documentation Centre offers a selection of constructivist titles, among which is a collection of hard-to-find PCP library material. The texts are available at the Institute of Constructivist Psychology Library, via loan or read-only access. The loan, however, is reserved for teachers and specializing students at the ICP School of Psychotherapy.

Those who are not teachers or students at ICP, and wish to access the texts, should make an appointment with the secretary (049-8751669,

The library catalogue is available online.

Scientific writing and communication among professionals are of paramount importance for the study and development of a theory. For this reason, the Constructivist Research and Documentation Centre (CRDC) fosters the sharing and comparison of the results of national and international research initiatives. The Centre acts as a benchmark to encourage the publication of scientific articles  that use constructivism as an epistemological framework, operating in collaboration with the Italian Constructivism Magazine.

The Rivista Italiana di Costruttivismo is a scientific magazine that aims to make contributions of theoretical, applied and methodological interest accessible. These contributions are developed in accordance with this epistemological framework. The purpose is to give voice to Italian constructivists, but also to publish, in translated texts, articles of foreign authors. Although it arose in the field of psychology, the publication is open to contributions from all disciplinary fields in which constructivism is prevelant today.

The magazine is biannual, free and available exclusively in electronic format; you can access it and download it with a quick and easy registration.

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The constructivist approach – and, indeed, PCP – can be viewed as a heuristic approach, and with ample room for further theoretical and practical elaboration.

The Constructivist Research and Documentation Centre aims to support all those who are interested in contributing to the study and development of Constructivism in general, and to PCP in particular. To that end, the Centre provides consultancy services, training, submission of research opportunities, and organization of in-depth meetings on various topics of interest.

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